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Genes determine about 30% of your body weight and up to 50% success in athletic performance. get to know your genes and learn your do's and dont's

Did you know that people are on average 99.9% genetically identical and only 0.1% accounts for about 3 million differences between us?
Little differences in genes mean big things for you.
Enjoy the benefits of modern science - choose a GENPlanR product and start making informed decisions.
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  • I had migrene about 2-3 times a week. Could not sleep, had no energy throughout the day. I knew I had to do something. I heard about GENPlanR from...

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  • With lots of work and long days in the office my weight started to increase. Running and working on the machines at weekends did not make much...

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  • I had lately been suffering from fatigue, loss of energy, hair loss. My joints were painful and walking had become more difficult. I had constant...